4ea8134605d38eb6f23af649f06589d5My name is Anna Clutterbuck-Cook. I am a writer, historian, and librarian who took up stitching several years ago as a counterweight to my reading and writing life. Since the November 2016 election I have been looking for ways to put my crafting to work on behalf of the resistance. This digital portfolio exists to provide a space for examples of my cross-stitch, embroidery, and quilting as I participate in charity auctions and offer work to raise money for the resistance with my stitching.

My primary digital home is @feministlib where I share pictures of my handwork under the hashtag #amsewing. Find my other digital footprints at the feminist librarian.

Persistent Stitchers

In addition to myself, other crafters are contributing to the Persistent Stitches fundraising project. You can meet them below (alphabetical by first/screen name)!

X8gyNWwf_400x400CrowGirl is a historian (Irish, forensics); writer (AO3); enthusiast (horror, bookstore, tea, notebook, pen); archivist; yogini; Buddhist-ish. Not in that order. She. You can find her @CrowGirl42 on Twitter and sign up for her #GloamingPictures weekly newsletter.


Pe7gIMTi_400x400Janet Cook is a knitter based in Holland, Michigan.




fNAQf1cq_400x400Jaydot Sloane is a non-binary geek crafter and illustrator working out of the city of bridges. Twitter: @jaydotsloane.




IMG_6604Jessica paints, felts, embroiders, and crafts to stop herself from constantly screaming about the state of the world. Since she can’t keep everything she makes in her house, she decided to use them to raise money for causes she believes in. When she’s not at home, she’s an archivist in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Ybt4XEiD_400x400Molly Westerman writes, reads, knits, and embroiders sweet things full of hope and love, especially when she is very angry indeed. She is participating in Persistent Stitches as a way to raise money for feminist and LGBTQ-serving organizations in and around Minneapolis, her adopted hometown. You can find her online on Twitter (locked account but follow requests welcome) and in her monthly newsletter.

tinyowlsSarah H.
@werelibrary on Twitter.




Interested in becoming a Persistent Stitcher? Here is our F.A.Q.